3 Easy Fitness Exercises You Can Do at Home

A lot of people complain that they never have enough time to exercise since they need to get in the car and commute to the gym and therefore lose a lot of time in traffic. What I think it happens is that people simply overcrowd their schedules with all kinds of things, like checking their social media every three minutes and find themselves so caught up in meaningless actions that they run out of time for anything else.

If you want to get fit, you only need to find a few minutes at first in your busy schedule. No, you do not have to travel to the gym, navigating the urban jungle every day. Although I own a fitness club, I know that the first steps are necessary and these can be done at home. In this post, I am going to tell you about three simple exercises you can perform at home, so you can quickly improve your fitness levels and your overall shape.



No, I am not suggesting to put on a cape and trying to save the world. Superman is a very simple fitness exercise that will make you feel better while engaging your entire body. Lie on the floor, on your belly and stretch your toes and your fingers as if you are trying to touch the opposite walls. This exercise will give you a good stretch, and you will feel an improvement in your posture right away.


Don’t forget leg day

For some reason, people are not particular about exercising their legs, and I think it is a huge mistake. Here is the easiest fitness exercise you can perform at home for great looking legs. It is the simple lunge. This exercise works your glutes, too, and all the ladies will surely appreciate getting more definition in that particular area of their bodies. If you want to turn lunges into a full body workout, I suggest getting some dumbbells or improvised weights, such as full water bottles. This way, you will work both your arms and your legs. Also, because of the particular nature of the movement you execute, you will be able to strengthen your core, as well.

Jump squats for your cardio routine

So, I suggested earlier a stretching exercise and one you can use for your entire body. Let’s talk a bit about cardio now. What I usually recommend to people coming to my gym for the first time is to include some jump squats in their routine. This way, you are not only giving your muscles a good workout, but your heart rate will increase, and you will be able to sustain more vigorous activity. Also, cardio is great for weight loss.




Basic equipment I needed when I opened my studio

I had to invest a tidy sum of money for fitness studio equipment. It was all a necessary expense as I had envisioned my fitness club to be the go-to gym in my community. I did plenty of research aside from getting advice through message boards on gym management, and also consulting the best gym equipment reviews.

Free weights

Dumbbells and kettlebells are utilized for free weight training. Considered the workhorses of the fitness world, dumbbells have remained a fitness mainstay despite the technological advances in a range of gym equipment, with almost 100 percent personal training studios offering them, based on equipment trends reports. I didn’t want my fitness club to be one of the less than 5 percent that doesn’t have an array of dumbbells. Fairly expensive, my gym’s dumbbells are able to offer gym patrons and members a way to keep track of how they are doing in their fitness goals. Dumbbells enable people to compare their starting dumbbell weight with their current one.

Undoubtedly the new kid on the block, kettlebells have gained popularity in fitness training. (I recommend reading this article for kettlebell training) Although it’s tough, kettlebell training is offered at my studio because I know what fantastic results it can give to users when employed with proper supervision. I offer the services of my own kettlebell training instructor who ensures that one kettlebell among the several my gym has can cater to every aspect of fitness.

Cardio Workout Equipment

I decided to invest in some of the best cardio equipment around that includes elliptical trainers, stair climbers, recumbent and upright bikes, and treadmills. My fitness club has three treadmills and I plan to add more as time goes by. Elliptical trainers are great for fat loss training. Both ellipticals and treadmills offer solo-workout options while serving effectively for warm ups. Although the cardio workout equipment I invested on are costly (they are commercial grade), they do ensure sturdiness and are engineered to handle frequent use.

General exercise equipment

To add versatility to my clients’ workout, as well as a bit of play, I also invested in top quality medicine balls. From high-performance MMA athletes to the average Joe, the medicine ball is used by fitness club members for deceleration training, reaction drills and replicating a variety of common exercises that can be performed using dumbbells. These include lunges, squats, presses and curls. Some of the medicine bells in my gym include heavier, no-bounce ones that support explosive movements to drive users up the kinetic chain, from their feet to their legs, hips, shoulders and up to their hands. The balls can thus be thrown without worrying that they would come back.

We also have resistance tubings or resistance bands, more popularly known as Pilates rings. Easily transportable because they are lightweight, the resistance bands we have have become many of our gym members’ favorite pieces of fitness equipment. In fact many of our clients have even bought their own to use at home or when traveling.


These are just some of the basic gym equipment we own. I shall describe more of those we have in a later post. For now, those who want to put up their own fitness clubs can take their cue from the items my own gym has, among others.