3 Easy Fitness Exercises You Can Do at Home

A lot of people complain that they never have enough time to exercise since they need to get in the car and commute to the gym and therefore lose a lot of time in traffic. What I think it happens is that people simply overcrowd their schedules with all kinds of things, like checking their social media every three minutes and find themselves so caught up in meaningless actions that they run out of time for anything else.

If you want to get fit, you only need to find a few minutes at first in your busy schedule. No, you do not have to travel to the gym, navigating the urban jungle every day. Although I own a fitness club, I know that the first steps are necessary and these can be done at home. In this post, I am going to tell you about three simple exercises you can perform at home, so you can quickly improve your fitness levels and your overall shape.



No, I am not suggesting to put on a cape and trying to save the world. Superman is a very simple fitness exercise that will make you feel better while engaging your entire body. Lie on the floor, on your belly and stretch your toes and your fingers as if you are trying to touch the opposite walls. This exercise will give you a good stretch, and you will feel an improvement in your posture right away.


Don’t forget leg day

For some reason, people are not particular about exercising their legs, and I think it is a huge mistake. Here is the easiest fitness exercise you can perform at home for great looking legs. It is the simple lunge. This exercise works your glutes, too, and all the ladies will surely appreciate getting more definition in that particular area of their bodies. If you want to turn lunges into a full body workout, I suggest getting some dumbbells or improvised weights, such as full water bottles. This way, you will work both your arms and your legs. Also, because of the particular nature of the movement you execute, you will be able to strengthen your core, as well.

Jump squats for your cardio routine

So, I suggested earlier a stretching exercise and one you can use for your entire body. Let’s talk a bit about cardio now. What I usually recommend to people coming to my gym for the first time is to include some jump squats in their routine. This way, you are not only giving your muscles a good workout, but your heart rate will increase, and you will be able to sustain more vigorous activity. Also, cardio is great for weight loss.




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